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To buy the products of the brand «ZemlyakoFF» you can in all the regions of Russia.
An extensive dealer system in the south of Russia, in the Central Black Earth, Volga, Urals, Siberia and the Far East, as well as the presence of a professional and competent regional representatives of the company «ZemlyakoFF» guarantees farmers a prompt and quality service.

About the company

The International company “ZemlyakoFF” is a recognized leader among the producers of plant protection products nowadays. Under the brand name «ZemlyakoFF» are producing about 50 modern preparations that have no direct analogues in the combination of active ingredients, or their formulations.
Today, the company “ZemlyakoFF” produces two lines of products: «ZemlyakoFF CROP PROTECTION» and «ZemlyakoFF GREEN LINE».
Expanding our product range, we are expanding the geography of the company. Brand «ZemlyakoFF» products offers almost every region of Russia today, all the more agrarian market professionals trust us to protect their fields.
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Representatives in the regions

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Head office

108811, Russia, Moscow, village Moscow, Kiev highway, 22 km,
house 4, block А, building 1, office 614А

tel/fax: +7 (495) 249 00 37


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Moscow region, Domodedovo,
Vostryakovo microdistrict, Ryabinovaya street , 10

+7 925 801 80 58

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Manufacturing partners

AGROPAK Plant – Polish chemical plant which has modern production lines. Modern laboratories and production lines allow to make preparations on a high European level. Manufactured products meet the most stringent requirements of the EU. Today, the company produces high-performance chemical pesticides for various crops.
Plant «Synthos S.A.» (JSC «Synthos»), founded in the distant 1945, is today one of the largest production sites not only in Poland but also in Europe. Focused primarily on the high requirements of the European Union, it produces products for well-known manufacturers of plant protection products, among them also is the company “ZemlyakoFF”.
Plant ICB Pharma – a high-tech research center, equipped with modern equipment and focused on the issue of environmental products used in organic farming. This area is also characterized by a professional approach and high quality requirements, as well, and all the factories, which produce drugs “ZemlyakoFF” company. In the ICB Pharma plant produces most of the «ZemlyakoFF Green Line» product line.
Nobilla Plant – European manufacturing company, which is located in the south-eastern part of Poland. The main activity is the production of fertilizers and plant protection products. Production workshop area of more than 4 thousand sq. m, modern equipment with high production capacity, highly skilled professionals – that all guarantees the quality of ZemlyakoFF ‘s products.

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